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Disney Music Emporium
The official site for the everyone who loves the very best of Disney music and recordings in the classic mold, with behind-the-scenes news, regular features by Disney historian, a monthly "Record Roundup" and exclusive offers on musical collectibles.

Disneyland Records Website
This unofficial Disney music resource site comes as close to being an official site as it possible can. They do not sell or offer pirate downloads, but instead link to every classic Disney album available for purchase on iTunes, including albums that may surprise and delight Disney record lovers. There are exhaustive release listings, history and even updates on records being offered on eBay.

Cartoon Research
Animation historians offer regular features, articles, videos and rare images. Every Tuesday, please look for my "Animation Spin" feature exploring animation-related records from Disney, Hanna-Barbera, Rankin/Bass, Filmation, Warner Bros, Lantz and many others.

Animation Scoop
Indiewire's official animation site, offering reviews, industry news, preview, film critiques and DVD reviews.

Disney Parks Blog
The official site for Walt Disney World, Disneyland and all other Disney destinations. I provide regular articles with interesting facts, interviews and commentary

TV Confidential
One of syndicated radio's most informative and insightful syndicated weekly programs. Host Ed Robertson presents celebrity interviews of today and yesterday, "This week in TV History", rare audio of TV moments lost on video forever. I do  regular DVD reviews about the latest releases plus some DVDs folks might have overlooked when they were released. Each show appears a week after its broadcast on iTunes as a podcast.

Stu's Show / Baby Boomer Favorites
The ultimate talk show for lovers of classic TV and animation, with one-of-a-kind interviews from TV's greatest classics. Stu Shostak hosts these lively shows every week for live streaming at 7 pm Eastern / 4 pm Pacific, so listeners can email questions. Every show is archive for download at only 99 cents. Baby Boomer Favorites is a bi-weekly hour of music and talk from rock and pop's heyday, with celebrity guests sharing their personal favorites. (You can only download this show within the two-week window.)

Walt Disney Records
The official site for the latest Walt Disney Records releases plus interactive activities and special features.

University Press of Mississippi
Find award winning books, authors, and artists at the University Press of Mississippi.

Mark Evanier's News from Me
An indispensable blog all about movies, TV, animation, theater, news and politics. Also raccoons.

A. Film LA
Acclaimed animator Hans Perk presents fascinating images, insights and information about Disney art and history.

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