Well, sort of. Sometimes there is a nominal fee. But it's worth it.

If you've never been to the Hollywood Collector's Show, it's kind of like a Disneyana show and sale or a Star Trek convention, or any kind of specialized enthusiast gathering in which a large convention area is filled with tables containing celebtrities, collectibles and fans

At this show, you can walk up to banquet tables and talk to legends like Hugh O'Brian, TV casts from shows like "Here Come the Brides" or "Welcome Back Kotter," or movies like "Grease,' chat a few mintues, get an autograph (for $10-20), special merchandise or a photo (some charge for photos, some don't).

I had the privilege of sitting next to three original Mouseketeers: Karen Pendleton, Cubby O'Brien and Sharon Baird. I also met and/or got autographs from Celeste Holm,  Rod McKuen, Keith "Little Ricky" Thibodeaux, Erin Gray and Brad "voice of Charlie Brown" Kesten. I also met the talented Hanna-Barbera and Warner Brothers artist Scott Awley, who has a fine Partridge Family site.

Jeff Conaway was even there, standing, with Vicki, "the girlfriend."  Several Munchkins attended, along with Margaret O'Brien and many others.

They have these three times a year, so if you're ever in the Burbank area, it's lots of fun.

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