This is Sharon Baird, Cubby O'Brien and Karen Pendleton of the original Mickey Mouse Club. They were my table neighbors at the Hollywood Collectors Show.

Legendary star Celeste Holm is now 91, and at the show she seemed somewhat distant and perhaps a bit tired. However, when I approached to tell her that my children loved watching Disney's Polly, the TV musical version of Pollyanna in which she played Miss Snow, she lit up with fond recognition.

A few nights later, she had just left the Sleeping Beauty screening at the Academy Theater and was entering a restaurant, so I held the door for her and her companions, singing the first lines from "Hannibal Mo-Zouree" from Tom Sawyer. Could not resist. She was pleased.

The following weekend, the same hotel hosted the Dark Shadows Convention and I said hello to Lara Parker, who played the scary Angeligue....

('way to hold in the gut, Greg!)

...and I finally met in person the lovely Kathryn Leigh Scott, whom I had known through phone and letter (she played Maggie and Josette)...

Jonathan Frid (the original Barnabas Collins) speak and recite. At one point he fell during the presentation, to which there was a horrified gasp from all of us in the audience! He was fine, though, and danced around a bit to reassure the now-cheering crowd.

Someone asked Mr. Frid if he had any comment about the planned Dark Shadows feature and he had no knowledge of Johnny Depp nor any recent film or TV. He said he lives a very quiet life in Canada and seldom goes to movies. The last one he saw was Titanic.

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