WHY "THE TIME TUNNEL" IS STILL COOL @ 17 August 2008 07:00 PM
After seeing the Titanic attraction at the Orlando Science Center, I decided to introduce the kids to the classic 1966 Irwin Allen series, The Time Tunnel. The first episode not only introduces and sets up the premise (two scientists, lost in time, finding themselves in historic and/or fictional past and future adventures. The second episode takes place in ---ooooohh -- 1978!!!

Yes, the show had that overwrought, kinda cheesy Irwin Allen style, but it's also got one of the most incredible sets ever created for television or movies: the Time Tunnel itself. I read in TV Guide that it actually extends about 26 feet into another stage, but to see it on screen literally inspires imagination.

And here's a bit of a Disney connection: one of the art directors for the show was three time Oscar winner Jack Martin Smith, who worked on a huge number of notable Hollywood films -- and for Disney, including Pete's Dragon. His son Charles appeared in American Graffiti and Disney's Never Cry Wolf.

You can still see one of Jack Martin Smith paintings, with his signature, on the first floor inside The American Adventure at Epcot.

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