TWO CENTS from Tim Hollis @ 25 August 2008 11:16 AM
I'm glad that, out of all the Disney nostalgia people, you were giving some historical context to the present-day teen sensations rather than simply dismissing them as a waste of time (as the MagicMusic crowd and such seem to do). I've made the remark myself that Miley, Lovato and the rest are simply the latest versions of Annette, Roberta, Hayley and all. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the company still knows how to find the cutest young girls to highlight...

Someone ought to get a copy of MOUSE TRACKS to li'l Miley so she can see that she is carrying on a longstanding tradition with the record division.

Personally, I think the TV shows they build around all those kids are the funniest comedies being done these days. Obviously someone decided to pattern plots and characterizations after the classic sitcoms we all love (maybe it was Richard Correll, who obviously has quite a background in those). That actor Phill Lewis does the best modern-day take on Gale Gordon of anyone I've ever seen, and I've noticed whole segments in all of them lifted directly from the Lucy shows, Abbott & Costello and other sources. Naturally, the target audience wouldn't realize that, but we old coots do, and I think it's great that kids (both the audience and the performers) are being exposed to that type of comedy.

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