"One of the things that was difficult for me in doing this movie is, how do you make the events of the film feel real, especially since they're very much like an animated film and the things we ask of the actors are very much like animated characters?

"And me coming from an animation background, it was all about how do I make it seems like these events really happened in the real world but yet still have an edge of, sort of, fantasy to them and make them feel like they're like maybe they did happen but maybe they didn't happen like it's sort of a fairy tale."

This is a quote from director Kevin Lima, but not from the commentary track on Disney's Enchanted, because that DVD did not contain one. Not even on the Blu-Ray, which might have converted some of us to the new format. Actually, it is from his commentary on the just-reissued 102 Dalmatians, which was Lima's first feature. It's interesting to hear his philosophy and how it carried so beautifully into the later film.

"I think here you sort of see the juxtaposition of what I'm talking about -- the characters are doing the kind of things that animated characters would do -- the way she wipes his mouth, the way he offers the meatball and she kind of makes fun of him a little bit for being so sincere about it. Those are things you would typically only see in an animated film and I thought a lot about whether or not those things would come across in a live-action film where people expect things to seem real."

My humble little review of the 102 Dalmatians DVD reissue is right here.

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