When I was little I had a really scary nightmare about the washing machine and other home appliances coming to life and threatening the well being of my loved ones and me. Clearly I was watching too many weird Betty Boop cartoons in which everything is alive and sometimes creepy.

Anyway, I bring this dark secret to light because in G-Force, a coffee machine -- which normally is something I like and admire -- becomes a terrifying creature. Fortunately, the hamsters save the day. Whew!

We live in a wondrous age where computers can make it seem like cute hamsters can conquer evil and do it with some attitude. G-Force is clearly a franchise in the making, aimed squarely at popcorn-munching kids. My ten-year-old thought it was just fine.

While Nicolas Cage worked on his finances by providing the voice of a mole and other celebrities also voiced various critters, including Penelope Cruz, Jon Favreau, Sam Rockwell and Steve Buscemi, this was Tracy Morgan's show all the way. And speaking of shows, hearing his performance put me very much in the mind of Saturday Morning TV shows of the 1970's. Morgan would be right at home doing voices for Hanna-Barbera, Filmation or Sid & Marty Krofft. When Hong Kong Phooey is inevitably made into a big-budget theatrical movie, look no further for the lead role.

Okay, I'm done being snarky. G-Force is a solid kid's adventure that's perfect for weekend afternoons. And it's not slapped together thoughtlessly, either. There is an interesting audio commentary from director Hoyt H. Yeatman, Jr., a special effects veteran whose career includes Star Trek The Motion Picture, E.T. and Close Encounters. His comments can get pretty techie, too, when he mentions equipment by name and model number.

The Blu-Ray/DVD combo includes the commentary, deleted scenes, "bloopers," "Blaster's Boot Camp" and "G-Force Mastermind: The Inspiration Behind the Movie," there are three features that can only be accessed on the Blu-Ray, which is packaged with the DVD and a digital copy in the "Best Value" set.

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