DON'T MENTION THE WAR! @ 13 March 2010 02:23 PM

John Cleese offers a complete audio commentary on every episode in the most recent Fawlty Towers DVD set. This may seem overstated, by it's like Chaplin or Keaton doing a commentary on their work for you. In great detail, Cleese analyzes his performances, the scripts, the cast, everything. It's a fine comedy education by a master.

Just a few things I learned -- virtually every supporting role was cast by Cleese or Connie Booth with people they knew from other projects or close friends they trusted; Prunella Scales' brilliant interpretation of Sybil Fawlty was different than Cleese and Booth had envisioned, which first unnerved then delighted them, the line "you might as well have asked the cat" came from Cleese's mother, whose phobias are also chronicled in one of Sybil's scripted lines; Connie Booth is now a licensed therapist; and much much more.

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