HERE WE COME A-CAROLING @ 8 April 2010 07:39 PM
Had a nice chat with the lovely Carol Lombard -- that's Carol without an 'e' as in the movie actress. She's a legend in her own right, a top Hollywood session singer and choral director. We got to know her when we wrote Mouse Tracks.

She did quite a few Disney and Buena Vista records, including Annette Funicello backups, but my favorite among her accomplishments is the theme for the '60s anime series Prince Planet. From what I could discover, Prince Planet was dubbed by Miami actors but the music was created in Hollywood by the same team who wrote much of the Beach Party songs for American-International, which released both. So the background score for Prince Planet sometimes has a twangy, groovy sound.

Carol told me that she is the only voice on the Prince Planet theme. I always thought it was a children's chorus but she actually sang it repeatedly and her vocals were combined together.

If you've never seen Prince Planet, you can watch it for free on Hulu. When I was a kid I had to watch it at a friend's house because my mom was freaked by the characters' big eyes. Long story.

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