FOREVER YOUNG @ 14 April 2010 11:15 AM
You know who's a great talent with a legendary career?
Alan Young
. Best known as Wilbur Post on TV's Mister Ed, he was a star of radio and film as well. You can hear a Stu's Show interview and find out all about it on the bonus feature of the new Mister Ed Season Two DVD.

He's also been the voice of Uncle Scrooge McDuck for over three decades. He first did the voice on the first issue of the Grammy-nominated record album, "Dickens' Christmas Carol Featuring The Walt Disney Players," in 1975. It was adapted into the 1983 film version, renamed "Mickey's Christmas Carol" in 1983. I didn't realize until he told me that he did the voice of Mickey Mouse as well as Uncle Scrooge on the record, but of course not in the film. He also wrote the script for the album. A talented and nice man.

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