BIG MACKIE ATTACK! @ 11 May 2010 09:21 PM
Several blogs back, I talked about the DVD release of the 1966 NBC TV musical special Alice Through the Looking Glass starring Agnes Moorehead, Jimmy Durante, Jack Palance, Ricardo Montalbán, The Smothers Brothers and many others, with Emmy-winning costumes co-created by Bob Mackie.

In Carol Burnett's new autobiography This Time Together -- a funny, touching and memorable book which is made even better when you hear her read it -- she talks at length about Mackie and especially the hysterically funny Scarlett O'Hara "curtain dress" that she wore in a sketch called "Went with the Wind" on her legendary variety show.

This is the Barbie version:

In the book, Ms. Burnett says she and her then-husband Joe Hamilton learned of Mackie from watching the credits after a mid-sixties Mitzi Gaynor special and...Alice Through the Looking Glass (she calls it "Alice in Wonderland," but we know she means this special because her own show premiered in 1967). It pays to read the credits. Why would folks want to leave the theater before they're over? The credits are a treasure trove -- and sometimes offer extra surprises.

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