We recently watched a classic episode of the iconic TV series That Girl in which Ann and Donald go on a car trip to meet her parents and encounter comical mishaps along the way. It was carried off brilliantly, in the tradition of film and TV buddy/road comedies that feature a bickering couple. It worked on That Girl and it worked to legendary proportions in It Happened One Night.

It also works, Disney Channel style, in StarStruck, a romantic comedy with pop music starring Sterling Knight of the Channel's series Sonny With a Chance and Danielle Campbell of Disney XD's Zeke and Luther.

The basic story is another wish fulfillment tale for youngsters: a young girl accidentally meets a rock star. There's a fair amount of misunderstanding and teen angst, but the heart of the film is the "two for the road" sequence in which the two stars share mishaps and begin to care for each other. It's surefire when you have a duo with chemistry. Fortunately these two have it.

Campbell is a capable young actress with a lot of potential as a lead who can clearly carry a film, but Knight steals every scene in a role that he apparently won by default (he replaced the errant Cody Lynley). Knight -- who revealed in a Bonnie Hunt Show interview that he got his name from Disney and Hollywood legend Sterling Holloway -- has a true flair for playing the spoiled jerk who you can't dislike, a knowing self-parody of the pretty boy showbiz idol. As he does on Sonny With a Chance, Knight makes the comedy count in a way reminiscent of Michael J. Fox when he became the center of Family Ties. It will be interesting to see where his talent takes him,

The songs are, of course, loaded with appealing hooks that cement them into your head as they were skillfully designed to do. And it's also worth mentioning that the score was by David Lawrence, who also did the High School Musical films and is the son of Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé.

The DVD is available with or without a CD soundtrack (a nice option) but is not overloaded with extras other than a few music videos. An audio commentary with these talented young stars would be most welcome.

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