BABULU AND TRON, TOO! @ 7 August 2010 02:03 PM

If Tron walked up to Joan Rivers on the red carpet and she asked, "Who are you wearing?" he might say, "Elois Jenssen." And if you memorized all those I Love Lucy end credits over that satin heart, you might have noticed that the Oscar-winning costume designer for Lucy and the Mertzes was the same artist for the groundbreaking Disney fantasy.

Ms. Jenssen won the Oscar for 1949's Samson and Delilah and was personally hired by Desi Arnaz for the also-groundbreaking 1951 sitcom. Her Tron work earned her another Oscar nomination and a Saturn Award win.

Elois Jenssen passed away in 2004 but when you see this year's highly anticipated Tron Legacy, you'll nonetheless see costumes that drew from the originals -- outfits from the same person who put Lucille Ball into everything from a Carmen Miranda getup to a stylish "Parisian" burlap sack. Waaaaaaaa!

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