THE BEST TINKER BELL MOVIE SO FAR... @ 22 September 2010 12:15 PM
if you're a Disney and Peter Pan fan and you ever had any doubts about whether making Tinker Bell the central character of a Disney film series would work, they should all disappear when you see Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. I really believe this would be a very successful film if released theatrically, especially this time of year when pickings are lean at the theaters.

The first film, titled Tinker Bell, was largely an origin story, and the second, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, helped develop the supporting characters (especially Terrence) and Tinker Bell's anger issues. This film offers a good balance between our lead fairy and her friends along with a really solid story that never seems padded, a hazard in some direct-to-video films.

Like a Victorian E.T., this new film gives us a chance to see what happens when a young, imaginative child gets the dream of a lifetime -- to meet a fairy. Woven beautifully into the narrative are the young girl's need for her father's attention (who is present for her in body only), the dynamics between the fairy characters (focusing mostly on Vidia, who is nicer in this film but still having the prickly attitude of Veronica Lodge) and the wonderful activity of creating fairy houses (which is showcased in a bonus feature taking place at the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival).

The film has a nice, lyrical pace but never lags for a moment, much in the style now identified with Pixar movies (some character designs even have a Pixar look). What are most delightful for fans are the references to the 1953 Disney classic. In the opening moments, Terence brings Tinker Bell to Fairy Camp and says, "There it is, Tinker Bell -- Fairy Camp!" much as Peter Pan said, "There it is Wendy -- second star to the right and straight on 'til morning!" At one point, there is a glimpse of the Darling home from the sky, as well as the iconic Big Ben landing.

This is the least musical of the Disney Fairies films, but the score by Joel McNeely is magnificent -- yet there does not seem to be a soundtrack album! Maybe it will show up as a download.

Visually, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue is a feast and a good excuse to finally get that Blu-Ray player. With a big screen TV you can simulate the look of the film in a movie theater.

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