REMEMBER "MATCH GAME 79?" @ 27 February 2011 10:26 AM
Question on an episode of Match Game '79 (not to be confused with Epcot '94):

GENE: "There was a terrible fight at Disneyland. Mickey Mouse turned Donald Duck into a BLANK duck."


ALL SIX CELEBRITIES: Charles Siebert, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly (huull-huuulll!), Marcia Wallace, Robert Donner and Phyllis Davis: "DEAD Duck."

We watched this on a multi disc MATCH GAME DVD set with selected shows from throughout the '70s. TV was so much more informal then. At the beginning of one show, the man who hides behind the Super Match board was late and we got to see him squeeze behind a little door to operate the game. Looooowww tech.

Then there's the time Gene Rayburn (comically?) whapped the floor manager over the head with a cue card because he missed a cue. There was also a genuinely angry moment known as the infamous "school riot." You can see this incident on You Tube. The DVD set is available on amazon at a reduced price.

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