45 years ago last Wednesday, March 30, 1966, ABC broadcast Hanna-Barbera's most ambitious TV project of up to that time, Alice in Wonderland, or What's a Nice Kid Like You Doing in a Place Like This?, featuring a multi-star voice cast and the unique twist that Alice falls down a TV set instead of a rabbit hole.

Among the characters in this updated version were Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble as a two-headed vaudevillian caterpillar. The always astonishingly knowlegable animation historian Jim Korkis knows how much I love this special, so he sent this rare concept art to enjoy.

In this concept, Yogi Bear played the Mad Hatter and Barney was the Dormouse (the March Hare, resembling but not intended as Ricochet Rabbit, looks as he did in the final show). The Hatter and the Dormouse were later designed as stand-alone characters.

Can't wait for this to appear on DVD...someday.  As for Jim Korkis, he's now one of the today's most sought-after public speakers, his legion of fans are looking forward to his upcoming appearances this summer in California at the Disneyana Fan Club Convention and at the Walt Disney Family Museum, as well as seminars and speaking engagements at businesses, colleges and private gatherings throughout the country.

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