Oh, it was all in good fun, but in a recent Conan O'Brien interview, an "annoyed" Harrison Ford admitted that even his wife and son went to see The Smurfs, contributing to its phenomenal opening weekend (which surprised many, but not some of us).

Saying that his "Cowboys and Aliens" broke the tie for number one by "almost a lot of money" (less than a million), he and O'Brien reveled one of the most ironic upsets in motion picture history -- the little blue Smurfs were a powerhouse match against Indiana Jones and James Bond appearing in the same movie.

Sorry if get controversial here, but I have always liked The Smurfs, from the hit Hanna-Barbera cartoon to their best selling line of record albums (all of which were recorded in Holland and sounded like "Una Paloma Blanca.")

When my son in Kindergarten, another little boy hassled him after learning he watched the Care Bears. (What are Kindergarten kids supposed to watch, The 40-Year-Old Virgin?) He should have told the little creep that the Care Bears were a multimillion-dollar international concern, not that it would have mattered. It's just that there is a tendency to underestimate things like Smurfs and Chipmunks and other little Davids among the bigger and "cooler" Goliaths.

I co wrote a book about Disney records because I love them and listened to them, even when I was considered too old for many of them.

If you also took a lot of guff for not following the pack and making your own choices in your life, please join me in basking in the glow of Smurfy success.

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