THE "KANE" CONSPIRACY...WITH PUPPIES @ 31 January 2012 08:21 PM
Never mind that stuff about William Randolph Hearst conspiring against Orson Welles' film masterpiece, Citizen Kane. There's something even more strange and unexplainable going on.

If you've been following this phenomenon with me since last fall, when Spooky Buddies was released on Blu-ray and DVD the same day as Citizen Kane, prepare for another puzzler The newest "Buddies" adventure, Treasure Buddies, was released today...

And so was Citizen Kane!

Again, America is going to have to grapple with the choice between the two -- unless America buys both. But what if America's mom or dad says, "You can only get one DVD or Blu-ray this week?" What then?

You can use this Buddies coupon, and put the savings toward Kane. Then you'll have a masterpiece AND a cute movie with puppies and kitties wearing fezzes. And a monkey.

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