Anyone notice what music opened the Oscars? @ 25 February 2013 12:30 AM
The very first notes of the Oscar opening, as Seth McFarlane walked on stage, was an exact orchestration of the overture to Walt Disney's The Happiest Millionaire! The melody was "What's Wrong with That?" originally sung by Fred MacMurray.

Did McFarlane choose the music (maybe a childhood favorite?) Or was it a tribute to Robert B. Sherman, who appeared in the "farewell" montage? Most likely, it had to do with the producers of the telecast, who had done several Disney projects and perhaps did it as a wry comment on McFarlane, a millionaire whose business is comedy. Whatever the reason, it was a nice touch for those of us who appreciated it.

So when is "The Seth McFarlane Show" going to be the first big network variety show since Carol Burnett?

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