The world is saved thanks the efforts of one playtpus and occasional guest animal agents @ 3 March 2013 08:43 PM
The new DVD, Phineas & Ferb: The Perry Files - Animal Agent is a fine collection of cartoons from the superb Disney XD series has a loose theme of animals, many of them secret agents like Agent P.

Each episode runs about 12 minutes. Here's a guide:

1. Journey to the Center of Candace
(Season 1, Episode 11b, 
February 29, 2008)
Phineas & Ferb take the sub for a Fantastic Voyage; Doofensmirtz creates the "Make-Up-Your-Mind-Inator".
Guest animal: Pinky the Chihuahua
Memorable song: "Just The Two of Us, In An Esophagus"

2. Traffic Cam Caper (Season 1, Episode 21A, July 12, 2008)
Candace tries to use the disc from a traffic cam to bust her brothers.
Guest animals: dog, chicken
Memorable line: "Carl, remind me again why the agents are all animals?"

3. Vanessassary Roughness (Season 2, Episode 12B, August 7, 2009)
As everyone is shopping in the same giant warehouse store, Doofensmirtz and Agent P try to find lost pizazzium infinianionite, which passes from person to person.
Guest animals: dogs
Memorable line: "No one really is really sure of what it does, but look to the future for hover-vehicles powered by pizazzium infinianionite in the world of tomorrow!"

4. Isabella and the Temple of Sap (Season 2, Episode 16B, October 29, 2009)
Isabella moons over Phineas; Agent Pinky thwarts Professor Poofenplotz's scheme to capture a discontinued brand of hairspray.
Guest animals: Pinky the Chihuahua
Memorable line: "I can't very well take over the world until I'm drop dead gorgeous."

5. Cheer Up Candace (Season 2, Episode 17A, October 24, 2009)
A step-by-step magazine article is the guide to cheer Candace after Jeremy breaks a date; Doofensmirtz creates an army of Perrys.
Guest animals: monkeys, bulldog and eagle
Memorable Perry secret passage: dog and doghouse
Memorable line: "Candace has a great sense of humor! Remember when she got her face caught in the sink?"

6. Robot Rodeo (Season 2, Episode 20, October 24, 2009)
P&F dream up robot rodeo; .
Guest animals: agent raccoon, owl, cat, dog, chicken & frog
Memorable line: "Remember that time when I pretended to be Irish for a whole week?"

7. Lotsa Latkas (Season 2, Episode 20, October 24, 2009)
P&F create the Spudsalot, Doofensmirtz creates a potato-powered Historical Army Retreivanator and mutant Buford potatoes crop up as the town prepares to presnt its Latka Festival.
Guest animals: dog threatened by mutant potatoes
Memorable line: "Have you ever seen senior citizen riot? It's like a slow, gray tornado of canes and false teeth!"

8. Agent Doof (Season 2, Episode 20, October 24, 2009)
Candace takes over while Mom is away; Doofensmirtz claims to have given up evil but creates a ray that turns P&F into babies..
Guest animals: Agent kitty,  Doofensmirtz is, by law, an ocelot
Memorable gag featuring Doofensmirtz: "Wow! My own cubicle! How nice! I'm going to put a poster, right here, of a kitten that says 'Hang in there.'" (Agent kitty walks by, pauses and leaves.) "No offense. It's not like I think that's all you guys do or anything, it's...oh great. Now he's going to Human Resources."

9. Where's Perry, Part 1 (Season 2, Episode 20, October 24, 2009)
P&F, their friends and family take a trip to Africa; Doofensmirtz plots to turn Major Monogram evil.
Guest animals: bulldog and eagle
Memorable line: "Hey Carl, does my uvula look unusually large to you?"

10. Where's Perry, Part 2 (Season 2, Episode 20, October 24, 2009)
Now evil Carl tries to use evil Flynn and Fletcher robots for evilness.
Guest animals: Monkeys
Memorable song : "I'm Living With Monkeys"

11. What'd I Miss? (Season 2, Episode 20, October 24, 2009)
Phineas and Baljeet (filling in for Ferb) help squirrels earn their necessary squirrel skills; Doofensmirtz causes a peach shortage to embarrass his more successful brother.
Guest animals: squirrels, rhino
Memorable line: "There is is, the big showoff, with his big smile and his keys in his pocket and his lumberjack-like..."

12. Bowl-R-Ama Drama (Season 1, Episode 38, July 12, 2008)
Candace pilots Phineas & Ferb's bowling ball; Doofensmirtz sends giant penguins to attack the tri-city area.
Guest animals: bulldog and eagle
Memorable line: "As they say in Mexico, 'dos vandanya!' Down there, that's two 'vandanyas."

Bonus Feature:
Take Two with Phineas & Ferb
(Season 2, Episode 20,
October 24, 2009)
P&F interview celebrities in short interstitials created for Disney XD.

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