My favorite Father's Day movie @ 16 June 2013 10:45 AM
We're watching CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG, which was a movie my late father and I cherished when it was first released. He got me the tie-in paperback, the soundtrack album, even the single instrumental by Paul Mauriat.

As a semi-adult, I have a boy and a girl and a Truly Scrumptious in my life as well as a Toyota. Who knew back then what life could bring?

When the stage version of CCBB toured, my wife and kids took me to see if for my birthday. Must confess that seeing it live on stage got me a little verklempt.

Had the pleasure of meeting Truly herself, Sally Anne Howes, when she appeared in My Fair Lady and told her that I loved the way she sang "Scrumptious as the breeeeeze ac-rosss the BAYYYE." sigh.

It's just one of those movies -- and musical scores -- that I can't be objective about because they figure so prominently in my life. Maybe CCBB is a perfect film, but it's a perfect memory that lives on.

...Talk amongst yourselves.
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