"No, Superman, you and Lucy can't be in the show!" @ 17 June 2013 10:20 PM

One thing I always wondered about the I Love Lucy Superman episode; Ricky casually says, "Superman is friend of mine." My mind reels at how this came about.

Did Superman take Lois to the Tropicana? Were Fred and Ethel is that night's show (somehow they were there so often).

Did Superman save someone while Ricky was on his way to work, then the two struck up a conversation, Ricky about Lucy and Superman about Lois?

I've also read that George Reeves (along with Noel Neill) could sing and often toured when Superman wasn't filming. Maybe they could have given Fred and Ethel the night off.

Seriously, it always seemed that George Reeves' voice was so much higher in that appearance then it ever was on his own show. Maybe it was the live audience. I know that all Lucy shows required their actors to project to the back row.

Before home video, it was always a thrill when that I Love Lucy episode rolled around on TV.
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