DVD REVIEW: Jake and the Never Land Pirates: "Jake’s Never Land Rescue” @ 22 November 2013 05:06 PM

This special edition of the popular Disney Junior series, the equivalent of four individual stories on the daily show, marks the first appearance of Tinker Bell in this particular Peter Pan “universe.”

It begins as Jake joins his crew on the beach; where they’ve set up a picnic—of healthy, nutritious foods—and objects start disappearing. Jake learns that he alone must go on a quest to find the Forever Tree and get the Destiny Sword from Destiny Mountain.

The storyline is secondary to the fact that, all the while, Jake is helped by the “Guardian of Never Land,” whose disguise only obscures him partially, making it pretty easy for little ones to figure out who it really is.

I just realized that this series’ interactive aspect, in young viewers are asked to participate as they watch, actually can be traced back to the famous scene J.M. Barrie’s original 1904 play, when theater audiences were asked to clap to save Tinker Bell. So Dora and Blue’s Clues did not do it first! As far as I can remember, though, the idea that pixie dust stops working when it gets wet seems to have been invented for this series in order to give Captain Hook more ways to lose out in his schemes.

In addition to the extras on the DVD disc listed below, there’s a keen inflatable Sword of Destiny inside the package. This is very much like a toy I loved as a kid called “Blimps.” These were yellow plastic animal shapes that came in a cube with crayons and a straw. You could color the animals and use the straw to blow them up and play with them—the erase the crayons with a cloth. This sword has a little straw just like Blimps, only there are little stickers for decoration, which can be peeled off. So it’s the toy that keeps on giving! Nice.

“Jake and the Never Land Rescue” Credits
Director: Howy Parkins. Producer/Story Editor/Writer: Mark Seidenberg. Music and Original Songs: Kevin Hendrickson, Loren Hoskins. Executive Producer: Rob Laduca. Developed for TV by Bobs Gannaway. Running Time: 51 minutes.

Voices: Cameron Boyce (Jake); Madison Pettis (Izzy); Jonathan Morgan Hunt (Cubby); Adam Wylie (Peter Pan; Corey Burton (Captain Hook); Jeff Bennett (Mr. Smee, Bones); David Arquette (Skully); Loren Hoskins (Sharky, Sandy); Dee Bradley Baker (Golden Squid, Lizard, Dolphin); Ariel Winter (Marina); Allisyn Ashley Arm (Stormy).
Live Performers: Kevin Hendrickson and Loren Hoskins (Captain Bogg, Salty)

Songs: “Jake and the Never Land Pirates Theme,” “We Can Rescue Never Land,” “Never Land Waits for You,” “I’ll Never Give Up On Neverland,” “Never Land Waits for You,” “Beyond the Never Sea,” “Pirate Island Hideout.”


8 Additional Episodes (12 minutes each):
• It’s a Pirate Picnic!
• The Key to Skull Rock
• The Golden Twilight Treasure!
• Rock the Croc
• Jake and the Sneaky LeBeak!
• Cubby the Brave!
• Jake’s Special Delivery
• Seahorse Saddle-Up!

Bonus Features: 8 “Playing With Skully” Shorts (1 ½ minutes each)
• Sailing the Never Sea
• Where’s Sandy?
• Pulley Hook
• North Bound
• Diving in the Coral Reef
• Ship Ahoy!
• Pirate Puzzle
• Coconuts on Pirate Island

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