DVD REVIEW: Minnie-Rella @ 27 February 2014 05:54 PM
Well of course it had to happen eventually--Minnie Mouse doing the glass shoe thing. Actually, Minnie has played a princess before, like in the classic short "Brave Little Tailor." But this is the context of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so Minnie and Mickey have to ask the viewer a lot of questions...then pause...the resume the story.

There's just no way this DVD can miss with kids who love princesses, especially fans of Sofia the First. It's a half-hour segment from Season Four, which is reportedly the last season of the series. Fortunately, it's uniformly well done, as is the rest of this high-quality preschool series.

Each of the episodes has something to do with fairy tales:
Minnie-Rella (February 14, 2014, Season Four)
Pluto's Tale (January 20, 2012, Season Three)
Mickey and the Enchanted Egg (November 20, 2009, Season Two)
Daisy's Pony Tale (April 15, 2013, Season Four)

In addition, there are ten short "interstitial" episodes from season 2 of "Minnie's Bow-Toons." Also, there is a nice little Castle play set to unfold and put together. They can't do that sort of thing enough.
I find "Daisy's Pony Tale" to be the most amusing thanks to the extra comedy provided by the dependable Professor Ludwig Von Drake, voiced by the extraordinary Corey Burton. The voice cast, by the way, is a Hollywood who's-who: Russi Taylor, April Winchell, Will Ryan, Bill Farmer and so many more.

As per the series' style, there is a lot of visual gimmickry through wacky contraptions, a fine balance of adventures so each character gets to shine, and of course all that interaction that kids do play along with (I've seen it and it's adorable).

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