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This is actually the second sequel to Walt Disney's 1967 animated hit, The Jungle Book. The first sequel was released in 1969. It wasn't an animated film, it was a Disneyland record album called More Jungle Book, co-written by and starring Phil Harris. The story was no great shakes, but there were some nice new songs, including a few from the Sherman Brothers.

It might have been nice if the makers of Jungle Book 2 were aware of the album, if only for a few of the songs and tweaks here and there. Both are not much more than retreads of the first story with nearly identical scenes (the Kaa and Shere Khan sequence is almost a direct lift).

The 1969 record focuses primarily on Baloo, who is depressed because he misses Mowgli. He goes to the man village. Bagheera and King Louie follow him and meet Mowgli. Louie tries to touch fiery coals and burns his hand. Baloo is captured but his friends rescue him. Baloo and Mowgli have a nice reunion in the jungle, but Mowgli goes back to the man village, promising to return once a week.

2003's Jungle Book 2 focuses more on Mowgli and his two new friends, including Shanti, known only as "The Girl" in the original film. Baloo pretends to play with Mowgli in scene spoofing Cast Away's Wilson. Baloo goes to the man village, Shere Khan follows, panic ensues. Mowgli and his friends enter the jungle. Kaa, the vultures and the monkeys return to do pretty much what they did in the last film. I won't spoil the ending, just guess.

Popular as The Jungle Book is -- and tempting as it had to have been to make into a sequel -- it's the story that is the major challenge. The first film, which clearly met and surpassed the challenge, was a celebration of great characterization in voices, music and animation. The sequel has lines like "You can take the boy out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the boy."

Like a pair of new Manolo Blahniks, the sequel is slick and technically superb as direct to videos go, but there must have been long meetings about "what can we do once they reunite?" They can't open a restaurant or solve crimes (unless it's a Disney Afternoon series). So almost everything in the sequel is repeated from the first film, albeit with much more technical virtuosity. I have to wonder if the film makers themselves wanted to expand the story but were hampered by meddling that forced them to take the "surefire" approach.

With respect to Walt Disney Animation Australia, which turned out consistently great work (TV animation too often gets a bad rap, frankly), this may be one of the least satisfactory of the direct to video sequels. The best that can be said is that it's an opportunity to spend some time with favorite characters again.

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