Blu-ray & DVD Review: Disney's Frozen @ 10 April 2014 05:30 PM

To fans of Disney and musicals, there hasn't been a more satisfying phenomenon than Frozen. When Disney is true to itself, making the kind of movies that have been the hallmark of the studio for over 70 years, it's "magic" the thing, not "magic" the word.

At first glance, Frozen doesn't seem to break any new ground for the genre. It's great storytelling, a marvelous score, spectacular visuals -- everything one expects from classic Disney. But its overwhelming success suggests that it is more of a landmark than it may seem.

They listened to their audience. Not through data, research and focus groups, but in everyday life. This movie has true insight into where young and old really are in this day and age. Possible more than most live-action movies, Frozen taps into commitment, loyalty, frustration, self-sacrifice and the many forms of love. It's not all about me-me-me -- ultimately it's about we-we-we. You just don't see this much in today's entertainment, which leans toward the you-deserve-a-break-today message.

To me, the best thing about Frozen is the music -- the songs and the background score (which tends to be overshadowed by the great songs). This means that family musicals may have life again and perhaps survive a little longer than in the past. Disney's life blood is animation, but its soul is music.

And the songwriting innovation that the Lopezes brought with them from the stage (as well as their fine work on Winnie the Pooh and Finding Nemo-The Musical) is the "revue" song. There have been many humorous Disney songs, but never with this precise kind of verbal interplay. Yet their work is extremely reverential to the Disney musical canon and the great talents that created all those songs.

The bonus features are nice, but there will probably be more on the inevitable "Crystal Edition" or some such reissue, since Frozen has shattered home entertainment records the way it did at the box office and in Billboard.

You let it go, girl!

Original Theatrical Short - Get a Horse
The Making of Frozen (3:18)
D-Frosted: Disney's Journey from Hans Christian Andersen
   to Frozen (7:28
Deleted Scenes (with optional intros from directors)
        Never Underestimate the Power of Elsa
        The Dressing Room
        Meet Kristoff #1
        Meet Kristoff #2
"Let it Go" Music Videos
Original Teaser Trailer

Original Theatrical Short - Get a Horse
"Let it Go" Music Videos

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