"The Neighbors" has to move away from TV @ 4 July 2014 08:07 PM

Buh-bye to Debbie, Marty, Larry-Bird, Jackie and the kids.

This is the sort of show that gains a following after it was overlooked in its initial run. A talented cast, savvy scripts, full blown musicals, it was something special in a sea of echhhh.

Fortunately, show runner Dan Fogelman ("The Incredibles," "Tangled") has a new show this season, Galavant, which also looks to be unique, creative and probably underappreciated, but he's to be commended for trying to do the impossible. Toks Olungadoye has a new series as well and here's hoping the rest of the cast goes on to greater success because they deserve nothing less.

Or maybe it could be discovered after its cancellation like Star Trek, WKRP and The Family Guy and become a phenomenon through its fan base. Stranger things have happened...

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