Blu-ray/DVD Review: McFarland USA @ 15 June 2015 03:08 PM

Every year or so, there seems to be a new movie about a rag-tag group of unlikely people who are thrown together by circumstances with a mentor who sees potential in them and organizes them into a socko team that beats the smirking, overconfident opponents.

McFarland USA delivers on that cliché, but this time the mentor is a white bread coach who apparently was fired and sent with his family to his last-chance position in a Latino neighborhood. Apparently much of this was fictionalized but the overall spirit of joining into a community of seemingly disparate friends is true. The real life Jim White, who appears in a bonus feature, is very happy with the film (and how many real life people are pleased with how their lives were fictionalized?)

And therein is the reason for this movie's merit. It's about the young runners, but it's also about their families and friends, sharing cultural traditions with nary an ounce of disdain. If this comes across as too much of a Disney fable, and maybe it is, the up side is that there enough positive messages out there for young people to watch.

Kevin Costner is at his minimalist, Gary Cooper best in the role of father to his family and fish-out-of-water leader to young people with whom he seems, at first, to have little in common.

Though there is no audio commentary, which would have added tremendously, there are a few nice little extras, the best being a reunion between the real students, now grown and largely successful.

These small independent Disney films are a stark (forgive the Marvel pun) contrast to the superspectacular tentpole films of today. Though films are fine, too, but there is room for simple stories about ordinary people.

Walt Disney Records has also released a soundtrack CD of Antonio Pinto's unique score for the film.

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